Photo by Kevin Arellano

Photo by Kevin Arellano

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Marína & Mikael started playing together in November 2014.
They’re debut album came out in 2017 and was nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards as “Album of the year” in the Jazz & Blues category.

Their sound might best be described as warm and dynamic. Their tightness becomes clear in the details of their playing together and their understanding for each others musicianship really creates a unique musical experience.

// Setjumst hér stutta stund - Marína & Mikael //

“Einlæg og ljúf plata. Falleg og tær rödd Marínu fellur vel við litríkan meðleik Mikaels.”

(Transl. “A sincere and pleasant album. Marína’s beautiful and clear voice blends well with Mikael’s colorful accompaniment”.)
— The Icelandic Music Awards Committee, February 2018