about us


When we first started playing together
we discovered a new way of music making.

The way we interacted musically from the very first moment of playing made us realise that we had to keep getting to know each other and learn how to extend that feeling to an audience.

Since our first rehearsal in the end of November 2014, we’ve come a long way. We’ve gone through numerous projects, played over a 100 gigs together and lived in Iceland, the Netherlands and, currently, in Sweden.
But the way we feel when making music together has not changed
- except just getting more rewarding and delightful.


In August of 2017 we released our debut album, “Beint heim” (transl. Straight home). The project started in 2016 when we decided to do our first tour in Iceland - which we did during the summer of 2016.
We chose 8 jazz standards, Mikael arranged them for a duo setting and Marína wrote new Icelandic lyrics for each tune. Every song got a new feeling, a new story and a new sound. The project became very special to us so we decided to record the whole thing.

The album came out a year later and to our surprise and joy, it got nominated for the Icelandic Music Awards as “Album of the year” in the Jazz&Blues category.


Our next project has already been kicked off so stay tuned in 2019!
New music, new recordings, new adventures!





“Einlæg og ljúf plata. Falleg og tær rödd Marínu fellur vel við litríkan meðleik Mikaels.”

(Transl. A sincere and pleasant album. Marína’s beautiful and clear voice blends well with Mikael’s colorful accompaniment”.)

— The Icelandic Music Awards Committee, February 2018

About Mikael:
”Intimate, atmospheric, calm, enriching, are words that spring to mind when thinking of last nights performance, shared with a full house at Björtuloft. Mikael Máni plays a Gibson ES 175 guitar and his playing flows gently yet decisively along the lines of freedom and inspiration, on an undercurrent of tradition and craft. Last night was about standards ( Icelandic and international ) with Icelandic lyrics but Mikael writes music, mainly instrumental pieces. He frequently performs in a trio formation, guitar, piano bass, but his favorite formation at the moment is a duo, be it with piano, bass or percussion, which is, as he adds, more experimental music. At the moment his main influences are Debussy, Bob Dylan and Brad Meldau. 
Mikael is currently studying at the Conservatorium in Amsterdam, aiming to graduate next spring. Looking forward to hearing more, all the best for upcoming projects!”

— Velkomin heim concert series coordinator, Hlín Pétursdóttir Behrens

“Marína Ósk has an nonintrusive but clear and to the point style of conveying her message and telling her stories with a bright and gently flowing voice. Understatement springs to mind, never too much of anything, no unnecessary display of virtuosity or volume, only elements that serve the purpose of each piece perfectly. But her skill is omnipresent and each song raises interest in what else there might be to experience. There is strength in telling stories in such a personal way as we we experienced yesterday, courage in sharing, ties to the ancestors, the connection to our culture, and ultimately what connects us all, love. “This next song is, would you believe it, also about love ... “ A genuine connection to the audience, based on honesty and a true symbiosis of two good artists, budding professionals.”

— Velkomin heim concert series coordinator, Hlín Pétursdóttir Behrens

Vocals / Marína Ósk Þórólfsdóttir
Guitar / Mikael Máni Ásmundsson